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J Movement


Jennifer and her colleague, Jessie, formed J Movement after connecting over a shared desire to have a larger impact on the communities they are investing in. 


We created J Movement to 1.) Partner with local non-profits who serve at-risk youth, 2.) Teach at-risk girls the basics of investing, and 3.) To equip other investors to impact positive change in their local communities. Through teaching events and mentor-ship, we instill the values of self-esteem, confidence, goal setting and empowerment in the next generation of young women.  


Many non-profits are able to take care of the basic needs of at-risk youth.  Others are able to help kids change negative behavior.  However, we see a need for programs that can plant a seed, and take a young persons mindset past just surviving, and instill the hope of thriving.  We want to provide at-risk youth with opportunities to experience the fulfilling joy that comes from discovering passion, purpose, and achieving professional goals.  We want to help the next generation overcome obstacles and build a legacy. 


We are committed to giving our time, talent, and treasure to local and out of state non-profits. We build long-term relationships with local organizations to have a positive impact on the communities we are investing in.

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Our purpose gives us fulfillment and we enjoy partnering with investors and sharing opportunities to serve the needs of the communities they invest in.