Partnering Opportunities

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Multi-Family Syndication

As a network of real estate investors we have opportunities to pool our resources and acquire larger properties together. We have a team of professional experts with diverse skills, ranging from economic development to property management to home building and more. Whether it’s a value-add property, or adding value through land development, we provide updated rentals while building wealth through appreciation and sweat equity. 

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Income Properties

 We acquire income producing properties in top performing markets nationwide. We build teams of local and proven experts that act as our boots on ground in markets that offer high cash flow. After repositioning the property and increasing rents, having a team is key to mitigating risk and protecting the value of our investments.  Because of our remote teams, we are able to maximize returns in a market outside of our own that would otherwise be inaccessible.

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Appreciating Markets

 We acquire cash flow investment properties that are in strong appreciating markets. We buy properties that are close to college campuses and emerging markets and focus on locations at the center of the population growth. We analyze markets that have performed better historically and invest in areas with high annual rates of appreciation.